Empowering Accessibility, Enhancing Lives Globally

At Blake Design Group, we specialize in creating innovative accessibility solutions for individuals with disabilities, focusing on custom assistive technologies and inclusive design practices. Our services empower organizations across various industries, including airlines, to enhance user experience and compliance through specialized training programs and resource engineering.

Disability Inclusivity and Resource Engineering for Airlines

  • Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training - We educate airline staff on various disabilities and appropriate interactions
  • Custom Assistive Technology Solutions - We design and implement customized assistive technologies to improve accessibility on aircraft and in terminals
  • Continuous Improvement and Compliance - We ensure compliance with ADA, Air Carrier Access Act, and other relevant standards

User Experience (UX) Design for Accessibility

We specialize in creating accessible UX design frameworks for physical products and environments and digital products, ensuring that they are usable by people with a range of disabilities. This includes conducting accessibility audits and user testing to validate designs.

Mobile and Web Accessibility Solutions

We develop and optimize mobile applications and websites to be fully accessible, ensuring they meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.

Inclusive Design Research

We conduct research to explore new methods and technologies for inclusive design. Collaborate with academic institutions, healthcare providers, and industry experts to advance knowledge and practical applications in the field.

Policy and Strategy Consulting

We assist organizations in developing policies and strategies that foster inclusion and accessibility. Provide guidance on legal compliance, best practices, and implementation of inclusive technologies.

Accessible Technology Consulting

We provide consultancy services to businesses and organizations to make their technology solutions more accessible. This includes integrating accessibility features in software, websites, and mobile applications to comply with international accessibility standards.

Rehabilitation Technology Development

We develop and implement advanced technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality systems for physical and cognitive rehabilitation programs. Tailor these solutions to meet specific therapeutic needs.