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Personal Injury

Foster, Hanks & Ballard, LLC seeks to protect victims who are harmed by another person or entity. Accidents and injuries can happen without warning. It does not matter whether you are at work, in a store, walking on the sidewalk or on the road. You can get hurt anywhere regardless of the activity. In most incidents, the injuries could have been avoided if those responsible had not acted carelessly. In these situations, you could receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Foster, Hanks & Ballard, LLC can help with all personal injury cases including:

•    Wrongful Death
•    Automobile Accidents
•    Defective Product Injuries
•    Medical Malpractice
•    Tractor Trailer Accidents
•    Assault
•    Battery
•    Invasion of Privacy
•    Slander
•    Defamation

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