About Blake Design Group

We engineer technology

Blake Design Group, LLC began in 2001 as a software engineering consulting and research company. We specialize in solving difficult problems with engineering and technology.

Specialty areas include:

  • Predicitve Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Web & Cloud Application Development
  • Systems Modelling
  • Simulation


Predictive Analytics

We design solutions with the primary goal of extracting important information from raw data to reveal insights and help businesses and educational institutions make faster and more accurate decisions.

Machine Learning

We build algorithms that can learn from your data and make predictions, classifications and identification that can serve as assistive elements to major business decisions and data analysis. We can also work with Big Data using AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloud Application Development

We build scalable web applications for almost any need or platform. We specialize in LAMP development and can build custom applications for any need.


Whether a company is trying to analyze costs or process effectiveness, we can create simulations that can assist with understanding the potential impact of decisions and actions before implementation.

Section 508 and ADA

We can audit your technology and architectural solutions for section 508 and/or ADA compliance. Don't put yourself in an unnecessary legal situation that can easily be avoided through consultation with the experts.

Software Engineering

In addition to our expertise in operating systems, we also have a wide range of experience in developing embedded solutions for natural language processing, image processing, robotics, and data & sensor acquisition.


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